Walk for Water


Walk for Water is a physical data visualisation on the amount of time households in different Indian states spend on fetching water everyday. They waste a lot of their productive time in doing mundane work that could be solved with better infrastructure. The iconic and cheap, blue and white rubber flip flops are a statement of durability over time, so we used them to symbolize the total time taken.

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The wearing away of soles of these slippers would be directly relative to the amount of time taken. i.e. a more worn out shoe is indicative of a longer walking distance to get water.

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The data was acquired from Nation Sample Survey Organisation of India’s Key Indicators of Drinking Water, Sanitation Hygiene and Housing condition in India. Data visualisation was done for 12 states of India, out of which Jharkhand stood out with the highest amount of time, i.e., 40 minutes to reach a source of fresh water.


The flip-flops were sanded according to the state it represented and were accordingly sanded off. Each of the
flip-flop was labelled with the time it took in the state to access fresh water.

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